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Scarlet Hope

Louisville-based ministry shares the love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry
I had been loving and serving dancers in strip clubs for several years when my teammates and I decided to do something special. While we usually just did …

Announcing the Arrival of a Zebra Foal at the Ararat Ridge Zoo

Five-year-old Zillah, one of the zoos two Plains Zebras at the Ark Encounter, gave birth to a male foal in the zebra exhibit enclosure.

‘Believe’ in theaters, Dec. 2

Inspiring families to remember what the Christmas season is really about, “Believe” opens in theaters nationwide Dec. 2, 2016

The Crown: Balancing Family and Calling Is a Royal Pain

The Netflix series focuses on the pressure around the monarch’s marriage.

I recall sitting with my mother in my childhood living room and watching Diana Spencer—about to be Princess Diana—walk slowly down the aisle toward the altar and her prince. The year was 1981, and despite my tender age, the princess fantasy did not take hold. Nor did I become a “royals watcher”… at least not until Netflix released its Queen Elizabeth II bio series, The Crown, earlier this month.

Why the change of heart? Maybe it was the promise of seeing Elizabeth, now the longest-reigning monarch in British history, as a young woman. Maybe it was the heady feminist air as the series debuted, just days before the US—it seemed—might elect its first female president. For others, maybe a love for British period dramas is enough to pull them in.

Since I’ve been aware of the royal family, of course, but not particularly interested before, the effect of the series has been something like moving a piece of furniture in your grandparents’ house only to find that behind that bookcase, the wallpaper you’d taken for granted your whole upbringing had at one time been far more bold and colorful than you’d ever realized. It’s enough to make you question the assumptions you’ve made about what sort of stories the walls would tell if they could talk.

The Crown attempts to tell those almost forgotten bits of the queen’s life that transpired before she ascended the throne and took on a relentlessly public life for the next 64 years. It begins with her marriage to Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1947 and is chiefly concerned with Elizabeth’s life during her 20s, including her coronation at a mere 25 years old and finding her footing with …

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News: Why Two Tombs Compete for Jesus’ Burial

Historic renovations at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre won’t change some Protestants’ preference for the Garden Tomb.
Beneath layers of ancient marble, renovators at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem say they have found what may be the li…

How Fidel Castro’s Death Will Affect Cuba’s Christian Revival

It won’t. And that’s (mostly) a good thing.
The remains of Fidel Castro are being displayed in Havana as part of Cuba’s nine days of official mourning for the deceased dictator. Many world leaders will not attend the funeral next week for the man…

Pastors, Your Sermons Do Matter If You Want To See People Come To Trust Jesus

Every preacher at some point has experienced the painful vulnerability of baring their soul.
For my wife and I, it’s a joy being Lucero’s pastor.
A young, intelligent, and enjoyable mother of an exuberant boy, Lucero has recently abandoned …

News: Why Many Colombian Protestants Opposed Peace with FARC Fighters

Three seminary leaders explain how believers balanced justice vs. grace.
The longest-running conflict in the Western Hemisphere finally came to an end yesterday, after Colombia’s congress approved a peace deal with its largest guerrilla group.

Trump vows to ‘stop dead’ Mideast immigration: ‘We have no idea who they are’

President-elect Donald Trump vowed to “keep America safe” by cracking down on immigration from the Middle East and favoring “stability” in foreign policy.

Why Do Some US Earthquakes Occur in Unexpected Places?

Why would the Southeastern USA experience such a devastating earthquake, a region that sits snugly in the middle of a tectonic plate?